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Mike Cosentino

Mike Cosentino is the author of the Atlanta Running Guide and veteran marathoner and ultra-marathoner with place finishes at the Louisville Marathon, Atlanta Marathon, Leadville 100, Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Miler, and owner of a coveted “Silver Buckle” for a sub-24-hour finish in the Western States.

Mike Cosentino
Mike Cosentino

I’m an avid runner, but my girlfriend hates it. How can I convince her that running is something we could enjoy together?
Your girlfriend doesn’t hate running. She just hates the way you package it. If she likes intimate conversation, engage in good chatter while on a run and she’ll come around pretty quickly. If she likes coffee shops, run to one and take a cab back afterwards. She’ll find you and running more adventurous. Same activity, different packaging.

Gels taste like crap. What other foods will give me the same quick energy when running long distances?
Try some Sport Beans. They have many of the same ingredients in popular gels while tasting like jelly beans…who doesn’t like jelly beans?

How many miles should I put on my running shoes before I ditch them for another pair?
400 is a safe estimate. And do, indeed, measure by miles and not months.

Is it okay to join a running club just to pick up chicks?
The real question is, would any running clubs still exist if their members didn’t join for that very reason? Probably not. So join in.

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