Weekend Pick: Ski Resorts are Open, So Get to Shredding!

Around here, as soon as the first leaves start to turn, then drop from the trees we have only one thing in mind: shredding. While it is true that shredding dirt on a mountain bike or taking a long hike is still a great way to enjoy the crisp autumn weather, winter is always in the back of the mind, nagging you to check your gear and break out the goggles. Once the trees are bare, their bounty littered across the ground perfect for schooshing and daydreaming the drifts of leaves are drifts of snow, that old feeling begins to come back.

Once the first snow of the season arrives, the anticipation really heats up. Can you feel it heating up right now?

The Blue Ridge saw its first significant snowfall this past week, with the mountains of North Carolina receiving a few inches. Combined with a drop in temperatures that allowed resorts to blow copious amounts of snow in a short period of time, a few slopes were opened to the public. It may only be mid-November, but ski season has officially arrived. Sugar Mountain officially opened on Wednesday, November 13th running one lift and two slopes and Cataloochee Ski Area opens today November 14th with six runs from mid-station and three lifts. Cataloochee also offers a One Run, We Refund deal where if you are not satisfied after taking one run, they will refund your lift ticket purchase. So really, there is no excuse not to hit the slopes this weekend.

While this may not sound like much in the way of skiable terrain, it is a great sign of the winter to come. Early snow and cold temperatures will help keep snow on the slopes through the winter and into the spring. Plus, it is a smart idea to ease into the season with a few casual laps before going bell to bell and getting as much vert as possible. Early season is the time to get the ski legs back underneath you, not push the limits of your ability.

So, there you have it folks, ski resorts open in North Carolina this weekend, so it’s time to shred.

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