5 Epic Mountain Bike Trails in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Virginia’s Blue Ridge is an incredible destination for those who love to rip a trail on a mountain bike.

With over 300 miles of trails for mountain biking, there are options for bikers of all skill levels, including some thrilling rides that will put your ability to the test. If you’re ready, let’s roll through America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital.

Here are five epic trail systems to conquer during your next adventure!

1. Carvins Cove

Just 10 miles from downtown Roanoke, Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is a 12,500-acre paradise for those who love the outdoors and was recently featured by Singletracks for having some of the best trails in the Southeast. There are nearly 60 miles of trails for mountain biking, but some of the most popular advanced routes include The Gauntlet, Rattlin’ Run, and Hemlock Tunnel. [Carvins Cove Trail Map]

2. Dragon’s Back & North Mountain

Ride the rocky ridge of North Mountain and you’ll understand why it’s called Dragon’s Back. Coming in at around 12 miles in length, the elevation fluctuates from 1,750 feet to a high of 3,051 feet with plenty of technical rock climbing along the way.

3. Mill Mountain Full Pull

Mill Mountain is a “must visit” for anyone coming to Roanoke for any reason. It’s where you’ll find our iconic Roanoke Star and Mill Mountain Zoo. It’s also a pretty great trail system that’s open to mountain bikes. Oh, and it’s within the Roanoke City limits.

The Full Pull is the entirety of the trail system, starting and ending at UnderDog Bikes at the base of the mountain. Expect to cover 13.5 miles and tackle more than 2,100 feet of elevation. Fun times with lots of climbs! [Mill Mountain Park Trail Map]

4. Roaring Run Hoop Hole Trail

The Roaring Run Recreation Area is more known for its easy waterfall hike, but mountain bikers can take advantage of the challenging Hoop Hole Trail Systems. The Upper Hoop Hole ride provides nearly 6 miles of trails that require riders to conquer over 2,500 feet of elevation change.

5. Potts Mountain Jeep Trail

Known for being a popular spot for 4×4 off-roading, the Potts Mountain Jeep Trail is also a thrilling challenge for mountain bikers. It’s a technical ride along the ridgeline over rock outcroppings and boulders, but you’ll also encounter a few scenic spots that provide a view of West Virginia on the horizon during your 7.5 mile trek.

Want a guide for your biking adventure? The pros at Roanoke Mountain Adventures can get you set with bike rentals, shuttle service, trail info, and much more.

Need something a little easier? We also have a list of 20 Easy Mountain Bike Trails in Virginia’s Blue Ridge full of family-friendly rides.

Visit the Biking section of Virginia’s Blue Ridge website for trail maps and more great information to help you plan your Blue Ridge Day.

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