5 Reasons to Mountain Bike in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Virginia’s Blue Ridge is a hot spot for those who love to hit the dirt on two wheels. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the variety of our mountain trails are perfect for ripping it up and cutting loose.

Don’t believe us? Check out these top five reasons Virginia’s Blue Ridge is your next spot for mountain biking.

1. Virginia’s Blue Ridge is Now an IMBA Silver-Level Ride Center™

Virginia’s Blue Ridge was recently designated as a Silver-Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Bicycling Association. It’s the first destination in the eastern half of the country to earn Silver-Level Ride Center status, as Virginia’s Blue Ridge emerges as America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital.

The Ride Center designation is awarded based on a region’s collection of trail offerings, accessibility, and connectivity of trails, bike-friendly amenities, and local biking infrastructure & culture.

2. Guided Adventures & Group Rides

When you’re unfamiliar with a trail, know that a guide is nearby and willing to show you the ropes, as well as warn you of any tricky surprises. These services are also awesome for connecting you with like-minded adventurers when you want company for the excursion.

Check out Roanoke Mountain Adventures, the Roanoke Chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling AssociationDownshift Hand Crafted Bikes & BrewsUnderDog Bikes, and Ride Solutions to choose the best option for you and/or your group.

3. An Awesome Urban Trail System

Many cities boast about close proximity to the mountains, but Roanoke is one of the only cities in the U.S. featuring a mountain within the city limits – and it’s a fantastic spot for mountain biking! Located less than three miles from Downtown Roanoke, Mill Mountain Park offers nearly 10 miles of trails across 650 acres of mountaintop space. The Mill Mountain Full Pull is a great route for riding every mountain biking trail in the park, and you’ll get to check out the awesome view of the city from the Roanoke Star & Overlook.

4. Biking & Beer Options

There’s a vibe in Virginia’s Blue Ridge in general that pairs the great outdoors with craft beer. The two are embraced as “go have a blast and then unwind with local suds,” and we have eight excellent trail systems paired with breweries for the enthusiasts who love to do both:

  1. Mill Mountain Park with Big LickSoaring RidgeDeschutes, or Starr Hill
  2. Waid Recreation Park with Hammer & Forge or Chaos Mountain Brewing
  3. Explore Park with Twin Creeks Brewing
    >>See 4-8!

5. Epic Trails

Brag a little when you conquer some of the most epic, hardest, grandest trails in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. We challenge you, advanced rider, to dig in and roll over the technical trails of North Mountain (Dragon’s Back)Patterson CreekFort Lewis Mountain in the Havens Wildlife Management Area, and of course, Carvins Cove Natural Reserve.

Thirsty for a few more? See our list of 10 Epic Mountain Biking Trails in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Come fly through the forest and glide by the streams. It’s an excellent weekend escape, and you know you deserve the fresh air and freedom that Virginia’s Blue Ridge affords. We’ll see you soon in America’s East Coast Mountain Biking Capital!

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