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All Journeys Begin With Our Feet

Photo Credit: Ed Smith

Bridgedale socks, simply your feet’s best friend!

Our feet are truly remarkable. They propel us, provide balance, and function as shock absorbers for the rest of our body as we venture out in unforgettable journeys across beautiful and challenging terrains around the world. At Bridgedale, they believe everyone in the great outdoors, irrelevant of weather or terrain, should have socks that keep their feet comfortable, dry, healthy, and fresh.

Photo Credit: Ed Smith

Bridgedale has been manufacturing socks for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts in Newtownards, Northern Ireland for more than one hundred years. By combining natural fibers with high-performance synthetic microfibers in a multi-yarn approach, Bridgedale’s Fusion Technology delivers all-day comfort and support with a Lifetime Guarantee. Bridgedale’s commitment to the ‘little things that matter’ makes their socks the right fit for your feet.

To begin your journey, Bridgedale socks are simply your feet’s best friend. Great socks must be comfortable and deliver all day performance. Targeted cushioning in all the right places provides a protective base layer for your feet and ‘Fusion Tech’ helps to keep your feet dry. The Bridgedale collection offers you four different sock weights to optimize your comfort should your journey take you on an expedition or simply a walk in the park.


Designed to be worn in colder conditions (tested with partners to -13°F), these are the thickest, most cushioned and insulating Bridgedale socks and are suitable for use with mountaineering and trekking boots. These styles have terry loop insulation throughout, providing defense against the cold with high-density cushioning in the footbed that remains resilient all day long.


Designed for hiking and trekking, midweight Bridgedale socks offer a balance of high-wicking yarns to manage variations in temperature that cause feet to sweat. Resilient cushioning throughout the footbed and ankle keep the foot comfortable in both leather and synthetic footwear.


Designed for warm-weather hiking and trekking, lightweight Bridgedale socks are for use with lighter footwear. They offer dense underfoot cushioning for comfort but have a light open-knit structure for breathability.


The lightest Bridgedale socks use the finest yarns available and are very resilient on the trail. Zoned underfoot micro-cushioning provides all-day comfort, while the main body features large areas of mesh venting, allowing the foot and lower leg to breath and evaporate moisture rapidly.

Photo Credit: Ed Smith

From hiking the PCT, mountaineering in subzero temperatures, trail running, skiing, and mountain biking, Bridgedale offers a wide range of sock styles to meet the needs of your feet. You choose the adventure, Bridgedale designs and manufactures the socks to provide you with the cushioning, breathability, and comfort you will need. The socks come with a Lifetime Guarantee wherever you are in the world. 

At Bridgedale, little things matter. All journeys begin with your feet. Let Bridgedale help make it a memorable experience. 

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