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Cast a Line in Southwest Virginia

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Highlands of Virginia, boasting the state’s finest freshwater fishing experiences. The four-county region surrounding Mount Rogers offers a diverse range of angling opportunities, from stocked ponds to exhilarating float trips.

Whitetop Laurel Creek near Damascus provides 10 miles of pristine pools and pocket water, renowned for its rainbow and brown trout, with occasional brookies. Accessible via the Virginia Creeper Trail, this spot offers secluded angling sections. For exceptional smallmouth bass fishing, head to the North Fork of the Holston at Saltville. Despite historical mercury contamination, the required catch and release procedure now means that the river offers unparalleled three-pound-plus smallmouth opportunities, and is ideal for kayaking or wading.

Hidden Valley Lake, near Abingdon, is a scenic 61-acre impoundment within the Hidden Valley Wildlife Management Area. Offering a variety of fish species like largemouth bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, black crappie, channel catfish, and northern pike, and surrounded by lush landscapes, it’s also a popular elevated destination for hiking, climbing, and wildlife photography.

Families can enjoy fishing with kids at spots like Rural Retreat Lake and Trout Pond near Wytheville, or the popular Hungry Mother State Park near Marion, with its 108-acre lake. 

Fish Finds

Hidden Gem: Nestled beside Route 603, Fox Creek in Grayson County is a tranquil valley stream intersected by the Appalachian Trail at Fox Creek Horse Camp. Here, amidst the stunning scenery of Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, you’ll find serenity and adventure intertwined.

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