Discover the Ultimate Guide to Tallahassee’s Great Outdoors

Beyond the hustle of Florida’s capitol building and the bustle of its surrounding college campuses, Tallahassee has more natural beauty than most imagine. From the shimmering blue waters of Wakulla Springs to the wooded trails of the historic St. Marks Railroad, to the geological wonders of Leon Sinks, Mother Nature’s artistry provides plenty of unique options. With over 600 miles of breathtaking trails, Tallahassee is a haven for outdoor discovery, offering dozens of choices that will thrill your inner explorer and challenge even the most ambitious adventurists.Whatever you seek, helps guide you in the right direction with its GPS tracking and fun, interactive features. Simply go to and search for trails by surface, skill level and activity. Consider it your personal guide for mapping out your every outdoor adventure. It offers a list of nature trails organized according to your specific search criteria, along with maps, reviews and a featured trail section highlighting the experiences of Tallahassee’s seasoned explorers.After a day exploring the outdoors, unwind with a refreshing beverage and delicious meal. Tallahassee is home to a wonderful array of local craft breweries and unique dining options. From small batch beers, to fresh gulf seafood accompanied by crisp an IPA, you’re sure to satisfy any craving here. Learn more of what awaits for your Tallahassee getaway at



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