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Education Built for the Outdoors

From seven outdoor elective classes that focus on outdoor education to afternoon activities and off-campus weekend trips, we utilize our location at the base of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains to help boys channel their energy, hone their leadership skills, foster respect for the environment, enhance their self-esteem, and learn the value of teamwork

With 20+ miles of trails crossing our 750-acre campus, extensive outdoor facilities, and activities like mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, fly fishing, and orienteering, everything about our outdoor program is built for a boy’s adventurous spirit.

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Whether You’re More REI…

Our Outdoor Programs feature on- and off-campus activities that emphasize team building and respect for the environment. Activities include low- and high-ropes challenges, hiking, mountain biking, trail building and maintenance, rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), rappelling, canoeing, caving, ultimate frisbee, and more.

…Or You’re More Field & Stream

In the Outdoorsmen Program, boys gain the skills it takes to survive in the outdoors, from building a fire to learning to shoot arrows and rifles. They also learn to navigate in the woods and to hunt correctly and safely. Along the way, boys gain lifelong lessons about the natural environment and our place in nature.

Blue Ridge School: Built For Boys

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