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Find an Adventure With Baltoro’s Modular Backpacks

Every day feels like I’m walking a tightrope between busy and chaos – whether it’s the job, housework, social commitments, the noise, or lights outside my home in downtown Vancouver, it can get draining. When I want to get away, I go to the mountains and enjoy my favourite activities. Is it a bike ride along the sea wall to a beach or park? Is it a quick drive to my favourite hikes? Or is it the weekend and I can take a couple of days by the lake and exchange the concrete jungle for a real one. I like having versatility and flexibility in my life, and my Baltoro ImpetroGear modular backpacks give me exactly that.

People’s gear room or camping supply storage often resemble expansive piles of expensive items collecting dust: small daypacks, medium bike packs, large mountaineering backpacks, and everything else mountain sports enthusiasts think they need. I like to conserve space in my basement and in my wallet, so the idea of having one backpack system that covers it all such as the ImpetroGear packs make perfect sense for my life. 

I’ll often take out my bike and go on a seawall ride around Stanley Park or devour some singletrack in North Vancouver while carrying all my biking essentials, so the 15L Impetro Bike Pack is perfect.

Hiking and dispersed camping at Joffre Lakes is one of my all-time favourite activities, and luckily, it’s just a couple of hours away. Hiking around three emerald lakes, setting up a tent and hearing nothing but birds and running streams is my heaven on earth. I zip off the Bike Pack and replace it with the 33L Mountain Pack, load up my camping gear, and away we go! What if I decide to go biking when I get there? No problem – I roll up my Bike Pack and bring it with me…no need to carry another backpack.

Of course, come wintertime, embracing the snow, and trying my hand at skiing and occasionally snowboarding becomes easier with the 22L Ski Pack. Being able to attach my skis or board, poles or any other gear as part of the same backpack system makes activities that seem challenging or too adventurous feel closer to home.

I’m not someone that boasts about any athletic prowess, mostly because I have none, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have the best gear and equipment that’s affordable, well built, and with attention to detail. Each Impetro Gear backpack is just that – engineered with premium materials and packed with thoughtful sports-specific features.

Look around your home and car. The most critical, everyday necessities in our lives were designed by specialists, by expert technicians and engineers who excelled at conceiving that one item. The same should be true for our outdoor gear. Impetro Gear backpacks are designed in Austria, tested all over Europe, and now sit in my hands. I’m grateful that I have the best gear for escaping into the mountains, and that I didn’t have to sacrifice an entire paycheck to pay for the packs I need to find adventure, peace, and rejuvenation at the summit. 

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