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Harford County, Maryland- Your New Favorite Road Trip

Why are so many people are traveling north for that much needed getaway?

By: Tyler Zeisloft March 12,2024

When the first signs of spring come to our area, seasonal depression begins to lift and the urge to get outside grows by the day.  Whether your dry season desires include hiking, biking, discovering or relaxing, Harford County, Maryland checks every box on your list.

When you embark on a trail of any kind, your route is planned for a particular purpose.  In Harford County, the feeling of serenity bellows through the trees, beyond the rocks and along the streams to put that hectic life of yours on pause during your journey.  With over 10 hiking trails to choose from, you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm wash over you as mother nature’s beauty shines her brightest.  If you appreciate the beauty of the outdoors but hiking is not on your “to do” list, enjoy over 30 parks, walkways and playgrounds that welcome you daily.  Towns in Harford County such as Havre de Grace, Belcamp, Aberdeen and Edgewood sit along the Susquehanna River and have picturesque views of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed where you can fish, boat, kayak or plainly sit on a park bench and listen to the water splash against the rocks.

Trails may refer to those ever-popular walking journeys, but Visit Harford has created over a half dozen experiential trails that make your stay in Harford County a memorable one that will dazzle your eye and fill your stomach.

View the artwork of some of Harford County’s most talented visual artists along the Mural Trail, which features something to suit all tastes – conservative to radical, quirky to bizarre.  Be sure to check out the 31 murals when you plan your visit!  

There’s no better way to experience the culture and history of rural Harford County, Maryland than by hitting the road to travel through the gently rolling countryside. Bordered by the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and scenic Susquehanna River, Harford County is home to historic barns, family homesteads and public spaces that create stunning backdrops to colorful painted quilt designs. Harford County Barn Quilt Trail celebrates the beauty, history, agriculture, and small business of the county. The Barn Quilt Trail is a collection of barn quilts painted on barns and buildings. On the Trail, you can find dairies, museums, farm markets, heritage farms, breweries, natural areas, and back road adventures.

It’s no secret that food is one of the basic necessities of life.  You need it!  Harford County, Maryland is home to over 150 restaurants and sweet treat shops for you to enjoy and they’ve compiled some of those shops into incredible trails to follow in an effort for you to see what Harford has to offer.

Whether your tastes lean toward sweet or savory, Harford County’s Chocolate and Cheese Trail brings together two of the world’s most desirable food types into a single foodie adventure.  Visit several local artisan cheese producers and chocolate shops along their newest trail.  If you’re trying to give up dairy or sugar, look away now.

Harford County’s Ice Cream Trail brings funky and traditional flavors together to create a paradise for cold treat lovers. Some of their creameries are “cow-to-cone,” so make it a point to check them out.  

Have you ever had a snowball?  No, not a snow cone- but a snowBALL? Yes, we’ve thrown them at each other as children, but Maryland has been serving up snowballs since the 1800’s.  In the summertime, Harford County activates their snowball trail as over a dozen snowball stands proudly open for another season.  These delicious concoctions of shaved ice, flavored syrup and the optional marshmallow fluff is something that cannot be missed.  Have a seat at a guaranteed picnic table near the stand or take it on the go

Many people say that craft beer holds more flavor, taste and variety.  The same can be said for wine, as well!  In Harford County, their libation trail showcases the 10 independently owned breweries and wineries that come with delicious adult beverages and great vibes.  You’ll find live music, games, food trucks, and special events, too.  Each is a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Aside from the multitude of trails, Harford County is the proud home to Ladew Topiary Gardens. Voted one of the top five gardens in North America, Ladew offers 22 acres of incredible beauty for all ages. The gardens are ever-changing; from springs blossoms to splashes of color during the summer, and the vibrant themes of fall. And as always, the ever-present topiaries.  Plan your visit and discover why Architectural Digest named Ladew Gardens one of the ’10 incredible topiary gardens around the world.’

For the baseball enthusiasts, Harford County is the birthplace of the Ripken family (Cal Ripken Jr., Cal Ripken Sr. & Billy Ripken.)  The Ripken Brothers have given back to Harford County, by creating Leidos Field and Ripken Stadium, the home of the Baltimore Orioles Minor League affiliate, The Aberdeen Ironbirds.  Come take in a game and watch soon to be pros compete while enjoying some delicious ballpark fare.  

There are so many things to see and do for all ages just a few hours north of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, so hop on I-95 and see why Harford County should be your next destination for your family, friends or self. Check out all there is to see and do at!

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