Heart of Appalachia: Taylor Ray Holbrook

Twenty five year old Taylor Ray Holbrook is a former Virginia lumberjack who vaulted on the country charts thanks to his social media savvy.  Hailing from Lee County, Virginia, Taylor worked as a lumberjack before trying his hand as a country artist. Utilizing various social media platforms such as Twitter and Vine, Taylor quickly built an online audience for his pop-oriented country style.

His independently released debut single, “Steal My Kiss,” went viral and vaulted him onto the Billboard country charts in 2015. Following a move to Nashville in 2016, he followed up with the acoustic single “Tie Me Down” and, later in the year, a collaborative single with country rapper Ryan Upchurch called “Southern Land.” In April 2017, after a handful of singles, Taylor  produced his first EP, a five-song set titled “Backroads”, which was once again released through his own TaylorRayMade label. 

Best known for his hit single “Steal My Kiss,” which peaked at #4 on country charts within 24 hours of its release. He is a country music singer who gained an enormous audience on Vine, where he posts a mix of music and comedy.

Taylor released a new single, called “Southern Land,” featuring Ryan Upchurch. In less than a day, “Southern Land” climbed to the top of the iTunes Charts and took its rightful place at #10 on the Country Chart. This is a huge accomplishment for these two independent artists because, as of right now, they are the only two independent artists in the Top 100 on iTunes. Breaking the barriers between country and rap, “Southern Land” is not like any country song you have ever experienced. 

“I Get High” by Taylor Ray Holbrook is a country song from the album Backroads and was released at the beginning of 2017. Taylor features scenes and friends in Virginia in “I Get High”.  A tribute to Lee County, Virginia, this Music Video captures the scenic beauty of Taylor’s roots.  Lee County is surrounded by high mountain peaks protecting green meadows and colorful forest in the valleys below. 

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