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Lynchburg, Virginia is an Outdoor Wonderland

Nestled underneath the Blue Ridge Mountains and alongside the James River, Lynchburgers love to be outdoors enjoying the natural surroundings.  With dozens of parks and 40 miles of urban and wooded trails, thousands come out daily to walk, jog, or bike in the fresh air.  And they love to greet visitors along the way and tell them of their favorite places to eat, get some culture, and shop. Here are just a few of the scenic parks that are sure to please and the outfitters who serve these adventurers.

Riverfront Park

This wide open park is positioned perfectly between the historic James River and the stunning, 19th century architecture of Downtown’s cityscape. It’s a favorite among locals as a great place for a pick-up game or fetch time with their four-legged friend. It’s also a favorite among parents as the zero-depth fountain allows children to cool off with some water fun! During the weekends, Riverfront Park often serves as a gathering place for numerous festivals and events where you can hear great music, taste mouth-watering cuisine, and drink the best local brews

To Do:

  • festivals/events
  • Zero-depth fountain
  • Picnic

Riverside Park

Just a few miles from downtown stands the Rivermont neighborhood, a turn-of-the-century gem filled with striking, ornate Victorian era homes. It’s there that you will find Riverside Park, a serene oasis with plenty of sites and activities for all. For parents and children, there is a playground and a Sprayground for a free afternoon activity during the summer months. There are a variety of secluded trails and breathtaking views of the James River waiting to be explored. For history lovers, there are historical artifacts and sites to see.  While walking throughout the park’s 49 acres, you can find a preserved early 20th century steam engine, the remains of the packet boat, Marshall, which carried the body of Stonewall Jackson to Lexington, and the Miller-Claytor House, a late 1700’s town house said to have been visited by Thomas Jefferson.   

To Do:

  • Walking, Jogging, Hiking
  • Geocaching
  • Sprayground/Playground
  • Three Tennis Courts
  • Packet boat Marshall
  • Miller Claytor House
  • Early 20th century steam engine

Ivy Creek Park

Ivy Creek Park is an ideal location for avid nature adventurers. The park’s biggest attraction is Clemmons Lake, a perfect spot for canoeing, kayaking or fishing. But if hiking or biking is more your fare, take to their scenic multi-use trails. If you’re looking to spend some family time, along with the park’s picnic and play areas there is the Nature Zone, an auxiliary site filled with aquatic reptiles and amphibians.   

To Do:

  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Nature Zone
  • Picnic/Play area
  • Multi-use trails

Percival’s Island Natural Area

Percival’s Island is a familiar landmark in Downtown Lynchburg.  Railroad tracks once crossed to the island for train cars to be serviced, but now visitors may see herons, migrating waterfowl, and native plants and animals as they follow the Riverwalk Trail, which bisects the natural area.  Anyone wishing to spend a quiet afternoon or quick bike ride while enjoying views of the James River will find a lovely park with many special places to explore. 

To Do:

  • Fishing
  • Picnic
  • Multi-use trails

Find these Outfitters to help you gear up for your adventure in Lynchburg

Bikes Unlimited

Whether looking to buy a bike, or just rent one for a few hours on the trail, Bikes Unlimited has you covered.

Blackwater Bike Shop

Blackwater Bike Shop carries a wide selection of bikes, gear and accessories including helmets, saddlebags and shoes.

Riverside Runners

Lynchburg has been designated a Runner Friendly City by the Road Runners Club of America! Stop by Riverside Runners for shoes, apparel, fuel and accessories before hitting the road.

Scene 3

This shop holds a variety of skateboard and biking gear. It also is home to products made out of recycled skateboard decks.

James River Adventures

Rent a canoe or kayak for an hour or two on the James River. There’s a sandy beach nearby for great swimming and fishing. Bring a picnic lunch for a relaxing day on the river.

TaleTellers Fly Shop

TaleTellers Fly Shop offers free fly tying classes, fly casting lessons, and information on local rivers and lakes. They offer guided trips and gear rentals for those looking to learn. 

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