The Mountain State takes Best of the Blue Ridge!

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Thousands of adventurers like you voted for your favorite outdoor stomping grounds, and it’s official: West Virginia is 2017’s “Best State for Outdoor Adventure in the Blue Ridge!” Why did this the wild, wonderful state came out on top? Plenty of reasons.
But you’ve gotta discover them for yourself:

The rip-roaringest

West Virginia is one of America’s top whitewater destinations, thanks to ancient canyons, time-sculpted cliffs and unspoiled scenery.

Our favorites:

●  The world-famous Gauley River is a wild ride through miles of untamed terrain. In fall, “The Beast of The East” swells to full glory with its f amous “Big 5” rapids.●  The Lower New River is quintessential West Virginia whitewater: playful water and big, big waves. But there’s also an Upper run even the kiddos can take on!

●  Take it way out in the wilderness for a hidden gem: the isolated C heat River. Play in the Narrows for beginner-to-intermediate surf, or get Class IV thrills in the Canyon, where feisty rapids surge by the dozen.


Of course, top-notch high-altitude skiing, tubing and snowboarding goes hand-in-hand with the Mountain State.

From the sprawling, sky-high mountaintop village of S nowshoe Mountain to the sweeping cross-country terrain at White Grass , there’s plenty of snowscape to explore. Including some surprises, like a waterpark in the snow or a gourmet r estaurant so remote you have to snowmobile there .


Our favorite way to enjoy West Virginia’s mountains? To top them.

And you can head higher than ever before with rock climbing superlatives like the New River Gorge’s1,400+ prime sandstone climbs and the iconic fins of Seneca Rocks.Share the love of the ascent with your family on the v ia ferrata , which has fixed-iron footholds so that everyone can safely and easily enjoy the views (and sense of accomplishment) at the top. Plus, there’s a suspension bridge to cross— it’s like an experience straight out of a movie.

Or just kick back and get a whole new perspective on mountain beauty with a z ip line tour over the trees.


Quiet meadows, trickling waterfalls and lush hills rolling off into forever— West Virginia’s outdoors are more than just the excitement. (Although the thrills are enhanced by the scenery, too.)

The wilderness is rich with biking and hiking trails, mountain overlooks and smooth-paddling water trails . Overhead, gaze out across some of the darkest skies on the East Coast , glittering back at you with crisp constellations and galaxies.

…best-est destination of 2017.

So there you have it. We’ve put it on your radar for 2017, so if you haven’t already (and what are you waiting for?!?), discover why West Virginia is truly Best of the Blue Ridge.

Here’s the list of the top-voted adventures: Explore these 32 picks. Or, discover an adventure all your own .

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