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Built in America. There is a startling transformation from a solid block of 6061 T6 barstock aluminum to a finished jewel of a fly reel. It’s a combination of art and engineering that stands as testament to the unmatched quality of American craftsmanship. The new Mirage is a technologically advanced reel, designed, machined, and built in New England in a collaboration of Orvis’s storied history of reel innovation and pure no-compromise American manufacturing. It was conceived and designed from the ground up to o er elegantly powerful and precise performance, built around a silky smooth, sealed, and maintenance-free drag—the most advanced patent-pending drag system ever designed. Adjustment from zero to dead stop in a single drag knob rotation. Finished with type III military-spec anodization. Orvis conceived. American built. Mirage.We took two simple fly-fishing tools and made them industry award winners. The nest pliers on the market today, Orvis Pliers are ergonomically designed and made in the USA to work with the natural shape and angle of your hand. Made of machined aluminum with type III military-spec anodization, they o er replaceable cutters and jaws with excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. The leather sheath is made in the USA by Gokey®, and a coil lanyard is included. The Orvis Nipper revolutionizes nipper design and function. Made in the USA of machined 6061-T6 aluminum, these nippers incorporate a piano-style hinge that adds mechanical advantage for easily cutting anything from 80 lb. to 8X tippet with an ergonomic contour for comfort and enhanced function. Replaceable cutter and anvil o er excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention, and it has a rotating stainless steel rotating hook-eye cleaner. Type III military-spec anodization and comes with a lanyard made from fly line.

Why Would You Build a One-Piece Fly Rod?

There are a number of reasons not to, but there is one much more compelling reason to do it. A one-piece is the ultimate and unbroken expression of the rod builder’s art. Designing the perfect taper and creating the smoothest transfer of power from the hand, through the rod, and into the cast is the goal of every rodmaker. At a certain point though, convenience rears up and that perfect transfer is compromised by the need to shorten the rod for conveyance from one place to another. While modern ferrule design is remarkable in its ability to transfer that power with minimal invasiveness, it still isn’t perfection. In the case of the HeliosTM 2 One-Piece, convenience be damned.

We built it because we can and, our desire for perfection far outweighed our desire for convenience. Is it for everyone? Of course not, but if your desire is to own the most innovative y rod in the world, with the smoothest and most effortless transfer of power and accuracy ever conceived, then you must own a Helios 2 One-Piece. Once you sh one, you’ll quickly figure out how to make it convenient.

Come to an Orvis store near you and see the newest and most innovative fly-fishing gear available.

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