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The Greenbrier Valley: Your Next Adventure

The Greenbrier Valley has long been a traveler’s dream – combining overwhelming natural beauty, outdoor recreation, small town charm, and world class resorts.  More and more, visitors are putting down roots and making the valley home, recognizing that what draws them here is what they need most.  Amidst the relaxed mountain living, there is an abundance of opportunities for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and all those embracing a new work-life balance.

Photos Courtesy of Pocahontas County CVB

An Outdoor Enthusiast’s Dream

Whether you are looking to race along a mountain trail, kayak down a windy river, or just explore and breathe in the area’s natural and historic landscapes, the Greenbrier Valley has you covered. It’s easy to get outdoors year-round with so many options in your backyard. More than 400,000 acres of public land across three counties, including national forests, state parks, state forests, and the nearby New River Gorge National Park, allow plenty of options for play.

Photos Courtesy of Pocahontas County CVB

The Snowshoe Highlands Ride Center, West Virginia’s first and only IMBA designated ride center, offers over 375 miles of trails for beginners and for thrill seekers alike. The Greenbrier River Trail State Park’s 78 mile rail trail offers a gentler ride through tunnels and bridges along one the state’s most scenic rivers.  

Getting off the beaten path is easy with hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Take a step in each of our three counties traveling the 300+ mile Allegheny Trail. Hike your way to the top of the Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory and spot the unique birds to this area with spectacular mountain views.

Photo Courtesy of Greenbrier County CVB

Small Town Charm

Nestled within this outdoor paradise, the Greenbrier Valley has an abundance of small town charm. Local shops, historic architecture, amazing restaurants, and local smiles provide a welcome change from the hustle of larger cities, making our small towns, with big charm, a great place to visit, and a wonderful place to live.  

And being neighbors to our world class resorts – Snowshoe Mountain Resort and the Greenbrier Resort – definitely has its advantages!

Our tightknit communities offer a place to make a difference. Housing prices in the Greenbrier Valley are lower than the national average, as are median rents for homes and commercial spaces. Public and private school options give parents choice and support. Thriving arts groups, nonprofits and community groups provide ample experiences in arts and culture from small town festivals to theatrical presentations. 

Photo Courtesy of Greenbrier County CVB

Doing Business

The Greenbrier Valley comprises three counties long known for their natural beauty and historic charm, but also recognized for creating a supportive environment for growing businesses and a comfortable place for workers to call home.

With the increase of remote work, the Greenbrier Valley has seen an influx of young professionals and families choosing the region as their home. Community leaders are focused on increasing access to infrastructure, including broadband, that opens more parts of our region to these opportunities.  Ascend WV, a remote work incentive program, chose the Greenbrier Valley as one of the first communities to attract and support outdoor-minded remote workers. The results are fantastic!

Work and play go hand in hand here. With access to extensive resources in hardwoods and agriculture, proximity to major business centers with a strong network of suppliers, Greenbrier Valley is the ideal setting for small businesses in both traditional and innovative industries. Simply put, we are home to remarkable opportunities. 

We Can Help

Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation helps companies and entrepreneurs connect to those opportunities.  And we are excited to welcome more people into our thriving network of business and industries. 

Photo courtesy of Greenbrier Valley Airport

We can help you find the perfect site for your business, from small town store front to industrial park.  We keep a comprehensive list of commercial properties on our website, so that businesses can find exactly what they need. Our own properties include an industrial center in the heart of Pocahontas County, land at an Industrial Park in beautiful Monroe County, and a building at the Greenbrier Valley Airport that we are turning into space for emerging small businesses.  

In addition to finding a space, we can guide you through local and state financing options and tax credits.  We have a network of supporting agencies that can help startups and expansion opportunities. We can connect you with local business owners who will be happy to provide candid answers to your questions and other officials in communities you may be considering. 

Let us know how we can help you make the Greenbrier Valley your new everyday adventure!

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