There never was, is or will be such a thing as too much snow. Say Hello to Snowshoe’s Incredible Snowmaking Upgrade.

El Niño? La Niña? Yes, there will be snow. Guaranteed. The legendary snowmaking crew at Snowshoe has been busy during the fall to install over 160 brand new, state-of-the-art snow guns, also known as Happiness Generators. Half of these bad boys are the infamous Titan 2.0’s – the most powerful machines in all of North America. Arnold Schwarzenegger is rumored to have been the head of engineering on this model.Why did Snowshoe invest in more, bigger, and stronger snow guns?

Three words: You, the planet, and more you. Yes, not only does the new lineup use far less electricity to make much more pow pow (5,000,000kwh less to be exact), it allows Snowshoe to open terrain up earlier, keep it open longer, and give it a quick once-over in-between whenever necessary. Consider that a little touch up around the neck line to keep things looking great and skiing great.Where exactly will you notice these new improvements?

The entire Snowshoe Basin side is now covered from head-to-toe, but more importantly, the infamous runs on the Western Territory will now be able to live up to their full potential. Both Shay’s Revenge and the Jean-Claude Killy designed Cupp Run, the black diamond gems in Snowshoe’s crown, are now destined to open earlier in the season, and stay in tip-top shape more consistently than ever before.One more time?

Mother Nature, Snowshoe’s got your back.

As for the rest of us: There will be snow. Lots and lots of it.About Snowshoe Mountain:

This is Snowshoe – part pure adventure, part cushy comfort, 100% contagious happiness. Our three distinct areas all have personalities worth getting to know. With the perfect amount of vertical in all the right places. A slew of kickers, rails, and other flip-worthy features. Plenty of runs groomed with the same attention paid to top show dogs. And enough variety to keep things interesting from first chair to last.




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