There’s No Bad Seat at the Fire with Burly Fire Pits


Like many great endeavors, Burly started with a few good friends gathered around a fire with an idea. It was simple: to invent a wood burning fire pit where no one gets stuck with the smoky seat. Thus, the birth of Burly… a heavy-duty, long lasting fire feature that is easy to start and, more importantly, hand crafted to reduce smoke. Because the worst part about any campfire is having to play musical chairs every time the wind shifts. We have all been there, and it is no fun. With the Burly you don’t have to thanks to its specially designed flange and airflow system which vaporizes the smoke almost entirely. Now, whether you are sitting on your backyard terrace or camping in the mountains, thanks to the Burly there is no bad seat at the fire. 

Burly was formed in July, 2019. Our fire pits are hand forged at a steel fabrication shop in the Piedmont region of Virginia. 

Our goal was to produce a fire pit with reduced smoke technology that was built to last. The Burly fire pit burns a very hot & clean fire. Also, our two-piece design makes the fire pit easy to move around and clean out. 

We currently offer a variety of accessories such as a Snuffer Lid, Fire Poker, Heat Resistant Gloves and Cover. Also, we just launched a Stainless Grill Attachment for our signature Gather 21” fire pit.  The grill attachment is ideal for cooking out in the backyard or taking on a camping trip.  A teak wood tabletop will be available soon. 

We are pleased to announce that a smaller lightweight unit will be available to purchase this August. It will be offered in 304 stainless and matte black. There will be an “early bird” special promotion offered with the units being delivered in late September just in time for the cooler weather.

In these both interesting and challenging times, people are spending more time outdoors. Sitting around our fire pits in smaller groups is both a relaxing and safe way to entertain


The Burly fire pit has a unique 2-piece design feature that is engineered to take away the headaches associated with conventional outdoor wood fires. 

The fire pit has a perforated, inner floor, which allows for air to circulate under the fire making seasoned wood ignite quickly and burn clean. 

The hot air is forced between the walls of the two units and is circulated through holes under our specially designed flange. These holes introduce oxygen back into the fire and excess smoke is burned off leaving an almost smoke free experience. 

The inner and outer pieces weigh 36lbs each with a total weight of 72lbs. Separately they can easily be moved around your outdoor living space but combined they make a solid, sturdy, pit that will last for years to come. 


Currently our products can be purchased online or at Green Top. We are looking for other retailers both in Virginia and out-of-state.   

If you want to see a Burly fire pit in action, we have units at King Family Vineyards, Blue Mountain Brewery and Brambly Park Winery. Our fire pits can also be rented at The Shed, which is located in Rockville, VA.

For more information, visit our website at

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