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The Wonder Years

This is the one certainty of raising children in America. Are you ready for it? It’s UNCERTAINTY. What if your admonition not to climb the back of that rocking chair leads to a crisis of confidence in his formative years? What if her pink socks are reinforcing gender stereotypes? And really, how much phone time is acceptable? Show us a parent who is 100% confident in his or her parenting decisions, and we’ll show you… nothing, because such people don’t exist. On the contrary, the brain of any typical parent at any given time is a virtual labyrinth of reservations, misgivings and doubt, sometimes over the most trivial things.

But in that sea of anxiety there lives an island or two that we know are solid. Give your kids a variety of experiences. Give your kids opportunities. Teach them that, not only is it likely they’ll need to know how to step effectively out of their comfort zones and away from their phone screens, it’s actually fairly certain.

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