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Mountain Biking Showdown This Month in Snowshoe, WV

Elite mountain bikers from all over the country have long awaited their turn to tackle the courses of Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia.

Catch a Summer Flick, it’s Outdoor Movie Season!

With wonderful weather and temperatures abounding, enjoy a weekend movie night outside while summer's still here.

Bald Eagle Found and Treated for Injuries the day before July 4

Washington D.C. is home to two known bald eagles' nests, even though they are rare in urban areas. The nest at the National Arboretum...

Bike Camping: Tips for Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds

With no gas-filled machine getting you from campsite to campsite, bike camping (or bike touring) is a start-to-finish testament of endurance, preplanning, and the strength it takes to push through the uphills with 30 pounds of camping gear around your back tire.

Wrestling in Kilts: Catch the Highland Games on Grandfather Mountain

The sounds of the bagpipes along with many stellar athletes, dancers, musicians, and even sheep herders are soon to return to Grandfather Mountain for the...

Nature’s Fireworks: Synchronous Fireflies in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nature's captivating entertainers, fireflies, have always been the source of wonder from kids catching them on hot summer nights to nature photographers capturing their...