Breathe Owl Breathe: Passage of Pegasus

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The Skinny on Breathe Owl Breathe

Breathe Owl Breathe – guitarist Micah Middaugh, classically trained cellist Andrea Moreno-Beals, and percussionist Trevor Hobbs – hail from Michigan and just released their sixth album, Passage To Pegasus, yesterday.  The record is a collection of ethereal folk, endowed with a melodic easiness that borders on hypnotizing.  After just a couple listens to the record, I found it all too easy to fold myself up and disappear amongst the stories and soundscapes of Passage to Pegasus.

It is important to note that the album packaging rivals the songcraft contained therein.  Each album cover is a unique piece of artwork, delivered with handset type and copperblock images created by Micah Middaugh.  Both sonically and visually, Passage to Pegasus is a treasure to behold.

For Fans Of

Iron & Wine, Bonnie Prince Billy, The National

Outside Looking In

“I love all the bands I work with and they are all distinct from each other . . . So, Breathe Owl Breathe?  Micah is seriously the real deal, as far as songwriters go.  When asked to describe him to the uninitiated, my easy answer is that he is kind of a hybrid of Bill Callahan and Jonathan Richman – two guys who couldn’t me more different but are similar in that they sing absolutely direct and honest, and from a world that is only their own.  Micah is like that, too – there’s a world when only he lives and his songs take you to that place or describe that place to you.  His perspective is absolutely unique.”

Eric Johnson, producer, on Breathe Owl Breathe

On Stage

Our readers out in the Colorado high country can look forward to some upcoming shows from Breathe Owl Breathe.  The band will be at the Leon Gallery in Denver on Friday, October 25th, and in Boulder at Kelly’s Barn on Saturday, October 26th.

In Their Own Words

“Many ways, it’s always a mystery.  We don’t try to understand it.  We just try to let songs have a presence in everyday life, almost like the mystery of who you are going to meet on any given day.  It’s the same with songs.  We’re all finding them, sharing them, reacting to them.  We try to keep songwriting very spontaneous, trying to find that pocket of time where stories and moods can be expressed, like the mysteries of joy, passing, sorrow, and weld them through the expression of music.  Sometimes our favorite moments of songs are before anyone else really hears them.”

– Micah Middaugh, of Breathe Owl Breathe, on songwriting

On The Web 

For more information on the band, tour dates, or Passage of Pegasus, surf over to  Also, be sure to check out “Silent Movie Reel” on this month’s edition of Trail Mix, or listen below:



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