Trail Mix 2020 – Vol. IX

“Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman.”

Elizabeth Cook first crossed my radar back in 2007, and those lyrics – from the title track of her release, Balls – were the first of hers that I ever heard.

It was abundantly clear that Cook was a songwriter with brass.

In the ensuing 13 years, Cook has taken the entertainment world by storm, establishing herself as a force in the country music world by hosting a show on Sirius XM radio for a decade, touring and recording relentlessly, and she even recently added a fishing show on the Opry’s Circle TV streaming/TV platform.

Cook has recently returned with her latest record, Aftermath. As become her custom, the twelve self-penned tracks on the record are ripe with honesty, sometimes painfully so, and Cook continues to do it her way – with balls – or no way at all. This month, Trail Mix is happy to feature “Perfect Girls of Pop” from the new record.

Also back on Trail Mix are some of our long time favorites. Delta Spirit returns with their first album in six years, and singer/songwriter Chris Smither is back with a new record. Blitzen Trapper, Grant-Lee Phillips and All Them Witches are also back with new records. Trail Mix is stoked to have tunes from them all.

Be sure to check out brand new tracks from Lizzy McAlpine, Kendall Street Company, Golden Shoals, Warren Givens, Karen Jonas, Scott Cook, Trae Sheehan, Jake Winstrom, Kolby Cooper, Town Meeting, Gasoline Lollipops, Skittish, Monica Marie Labonte, and Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts.

This is a great collection of tunes from an incredible array of artists. Please take a listen. Spread the word. Find an artist or two online and take in a live show. And get out and buy a record or two. These are tough times for recording artists and they need all the support we can offer.

  1. All The Misery Gasoline Lollipops 4:25
  2. Bleeding Hearts Town Meeting 2:50
  3. Give Me A Minute Lizzy McAlpine 2:38
  4. The Last Cowboy (at the Bowling Alley) Karen Jonas 4:09
  5. It Ain't Easy Delta Spirit 3:21
  6. Perfect Girls of Pop Elizabeth Cook 3:28
  7. Jesus & John Lennon Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequin Ghosts 3:29
  8. Before the Devil Knows Skittish 3:54
  9. Say Can You See Scott Cook 4:03
  10. The Children of Coyote Woman All Them Witches 3:36
  11. Let It Go Chris Smither 4:51
  12. New Friend Golden Shoals 4:55
  13. Gather Up Grant-Lee Phillips 2:59
  14. Better Off Trae Sheehan 2:47
  15. Broken Wing Warren Givens 4:41
  16. If I Still Had It Kolby Cooper 3:39
  17. Over Under Jake Winstrom 2:51
  18. Lady in Green Kendall Street Company 3:49
  19. Masonic Temple Microdose #1 Blitzen Trapper 3:39
  20. River Song Monica Marie 4:06


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