Trail Mix: December 2017

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Nothing screams “Happy holidays!!!” quite like a collection of horn-driven hip hop anthems and protest songs. If you need a break from incessant carols on the radio, or perhaps need to channel the frustration that comes from long lines and crowded parking lots during this festive season, take a listen to Brass Against The Machine, a collection of musicians from NYC who give the brass treatment to tunes from the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Living Colour, Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest, and more. Get your head bob on as you sit in the car with Brass Against The Machine’s take on Rage’s “Killing In The Name Of.” It will be a nice catharsis.

Are you tired of all those same old Christmas tunes? Feel like your holiday play list needs a shot in arm? This month’s collection could have you covered. Check out some soon-to-be holiday classics from Zach Schmidt, Joey Sweeney & Neon Grease, Lowland Hum, and Parker Longbough.

Old friends also turn up on this month’s mix. New releases from Grayson Capps, Birds of Chicago, and The Oh Hellos show up in the Trail Mix player.

New tracks from Richie & Rosie, Stills, Hank Williams, The Shelters, Louise Goffin, , Mapache, Travis Meadows,  Lake Jons, The Searchers, and  Trio Da Kali & Kronos Quartet round out this month’s mix.

Keep an eye on this month’s Trail Mix blog, as chats with Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine and Marcus King are on tap, as is a chronicling of favored albums from the past year.

And tis’ the season to buy music for people, so get out and grab a bunch of these records and give them away to loved ones and friends! Support the great bands that let us share their music!

  1. Mountain Song Mapache 5:13
  2. Rita Is Gone The Marcus King Band 4:26
  3. So Get Out The Shelters 2:24
  4. Torches The Oh Hellos 3:30
  5. Ain't That Rockin' All Night Lowland Hum 3:04
  6. American Flowers Birds of Chicago 6:11
  7. Hero Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine 4:32
  8. I'm Drunk Again This Christmas Zach Schmidt 4:09
  9. Better Boat Travis Meadows 4:53
  10. Breathe Out The Fumes Lake Jons 3:42
  11. Don't Kill Yourself This Christmas_16-44 Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease 3:29
  12. Eh Ya Ye Trio de Kali and Kronos Quartet 4:52
  13. Jambalaya Hank Williams 4:27
  14. Killing In The Name Brass Against The Machine 5:27
  15. Let Me In Again Louise Goffin 3:19
  16. Nowhere in Time Richie & Rosie 4:50
  17. Scarlett Roses Grayson Capps 4:34
  18. Secret Santa Parker Longbough 3:01
  19. Hearts In Her Eyes The Searchers 3:20
  20. Pacific Coast Stills 4:32


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