Trail Mix – September 2018

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Salim Nourallah, a Dallas based singer/songwriter, has taken a bit of an unconventional approach as he prepares to share his latest release, Somewhere South of Sane, with the world.

Nourallah has been introducing fans, new and old alike, to a song per day via various social platforms during the lead up to the September 28th release of the new double album. Trail Mix is excited to be involved, as the launch of our September mix marks the debut of Nourallah’s “Whiteheart.”

Regarding the song, Nourallah offers that it embodies his approach to his new record.

“It hangs in the air, as if it’s been suspended in outer space. I challenge you, sweet listener, to find the beat. Listen as closely as you wish. There isn’t one. This is the song in which I fully embrace and accept that Somewhere South of Sane has nothing at all to do with dropping or relying on beats. In fact, you can even call it my anti-beat record, if you’d like. I didn’t deliberately set out to make a drum-free record, though. It just turns out that the kind of songs I’d been writing over the past three years didn’t strike me as calling out for them.”

Trail Mix is happy to be a part of this ambitious plan to bring listeners each and every song on Somewhere South of Sane. To keep up with the release of the rest of the album’s tracks, be sure to follow Salim Nourallah on Twitter.

Lots of other good stuff awaits on this month’s Trail Mix. Check out brand new tunes from Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, Sammy Brue, Mandy Barnett, Malcolm Holcombe,  The Cody Sisters Band, Nobody’s Girl, Brother Reverend, decker., Nate Smith, Chad Elliot & The Redemptions, Benjamin Jason Douglas, Thomas Cassell, Wes Charlton, Tyler Grant & Robin Kessinger, Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton, The Lark & The Loon, Eddie Heinzelman, and Bob Bradshaw.

Stay tuned to the Trail Mix blog this month,too. Chats with The Last Bison, Tyler Grant, and Wes Charlton are on deck.

And did you like what you hear? If you did – even if it was just one track – get out there and buy some of this music. Grab a concert ticket or a tee shirt. Show these tremendous artists who make Trail Mix what it is each and every month a little love and support. They will certainly appreciate it.

  1. Down With Desperation Sammy Brue 2:29
  2. Medicine Eddie Heinzelman 5:09
  3. More Lovin' Mandy Barnett 3:43
  4. Umbrella The Cody Sisters Band 3:01
  5. Cold Night The Last Bison 3:34
  6. My Blue Ridge Mountain Home Tyler Grant & Robin Kessinger 3:27
  7. Shy Of Shameless Chad Elliott And The Redemptions 5:23
  8. Riding Out The Storm Nobody's Girl 3:04
  9. Gloria Benjamin Jason Douglas 4:46
  10. Comeback Kid Wes Charlton 3:58
  11. Another Hand Brother Reverend 3:25
  12. Liza Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton 2:59
  13. Burnin Grass decker. 3:50
  14. A Girl Named America Nate Smith 4:54
  15. Nerva And Dumbo Robert Walter's 20th Congress 5:12
  16. Fireside Thomas Cassell 4:30
  17. Whiteheart Salim Nourallah 4:18
  18. Track 5 3:02
  19. Drink From The Bottle The Lark And The Loon 2:24
  20. Albuquerque Bob Bradshaw 4:21


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