As travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, getting people excited to go outside and play is my job. Follow along as I take our commitment to the outdoors to the next level: working, playing, and living on the road for one year. #liveoutsideandplay

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 Hanging out at @usnwc's #TuckFest. Come say hi! Lots of free goodies to give away from @lifestraw_ @farmtofeet @enohammocks! #liveoutsideandplay
Season 2: Live Outside And Play
After spending 365 days living on the road full time, Jess is back. Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine is excited to announce season two of Live Outside and Play!
Nominees Needed: Backyard Badass
When you hear "adventure," what comes to mind? We are looking for suggestions on everyday heroes to feature in the mag.
My Blue Ridge
Help us celebrate the magazine's 20th anniversary by sharing your voice, your images, and your tales of adventure by visiting
BRO-TV: Stopping By Woods
With the help of Robert Frost, this week's BRO-TV episode pays homage to the quiet moments of winter that make the season so special.
Where the Heart Is
The phrase, "Home is where the heart is," takes on a new meaning as I approach the year-anniversary of life on the road.
A Picture's Worth
An epic seven-hour ski around Canaan Valley sheds new light on what a picture's worth means to me.
The Art of Falling Down
The art of cross-country skiing, falling down, and other things, this week on Live Outside and Play.