As travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, getting people excited to go outside and play is my job. Follow along as I take our commitment to the outdoors to the next level: working, playing, and living on the road for one year. #liveoutsideandplay

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 Parking lots make great laundromats. #domesticlife #laundryday #liveoutsideandplay
Shut Down
A little bit of bouldering and a lot of getting shut down up in Grayson Highlands State Park earlier this week.
Canaan: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
My week of summer livin' in Canaan Valley was nothing short of spectacular.
Putzin' in P.A.
"Putzin' arahn" my last day up north, I started thinking about gratitude and how to process "the miraculous scope of human generosity" I experience on the road.
One Baby Step at a Time
How I've learned to appreciate minimalism and the quest to simplify life, one baby step at a time.
An Ode to Flow
Two runs on the Upper Yough this weekend got me thinking about the idea of flow and its relation to my favorite element.
The Importance of a Sunrise
Two girls snap a #selfie on a mountain and hike back to their car before the sunrise, leaving me astounded, confused, and a little irritated. Are my feelings warranted or not?
BRO-TV: Day 98
Day 98: video recap and some overdue words of gratitude in this episode of BRO-TV. Check out the project now that I'm 3 months into life on the road.
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