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"It felt so pointless, so futile." Good thing George Mallory understands.

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 Or, at least I think I do. #liveoutsideandplay
Own It
How a lot of stress and a little fly-fishing helped me realize why it's important to own your time and find stillness in life.
Because It's There
"Because it's there." The words of George Mallory help me reason why we put ourselves through seemingly futile feats, like riding up Snowball Hill.
The Things I Carried
I take a good hard look at the things I (unnecessarily) carried in my passenger seat for the past 7 months.
Halfway Home
204 days of living on the road means I'm over halfway home! Check out ten moments from the road that never made it on the blog...until now.
The Act of Rediscovery
A float down the South Fork of the Holston River teaches me the beauty that can be found in the simple act of rediscovery.
Me, My Bike, and I
From riding horses to giving thanks for pain - oh the things that come to mind when it's just me, my bike, and I.
Live Your Adventure
Sometimes, I'm frustrated that I'm not some rad athlete globetrotting the world, but Eddie Bauer helped remind me why it's important to live your adventure.
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