As travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, getting people excited to go outside and play is my job. Follow along as I take our commitment to the outdoors to the next level: working, playing, and living on the road for one year. #liveoutsideandplay

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 #AppalachianTrail #thruhiker Neon enjoying some #trailmagic and the comfort of my @crazycreek Hex 2.0 this past weekend. Don't forget that you can enter to win your own #CrazyCreek chair by using the hashtag #sitthere and showcasing your favorite backyard vistas. A winner will be decided on Monday, so #gooutsideandplay this weekend and snap some shots of places you wish you could sit and soak in the views forever. Happy trails! #liveoutsideandplay #myblueridge #sitthere
River Therapy
I call it river therapy, because it's here, on the water, where I feel at home. My heart is where the river flows, even if it flows nowhere at all.
The Magic of Trail Magic
The magic of trail magic is that it's a small act of kindness.
Take a Hike
After a weekend celebrating Appalachian Trail thru-hikers at Trail Days, I'm ready to take a hike and spread some magic. Will you join me?
How to be a Respectable Newb
The difference between a "newb" and a "noob" and seven tips for being a respectable amateur in the world of adventure sports.
By the Seat of My Pants
How meet-ups and road life have taught me the difference between "planning" and "plans" and why it's important to ditch it all and fly by the seat of my pants.
Road Life Reality Check
There's a lot of hype right now behind the "road life" movement, but it's not all hand-pour coffees and hipsters-in-flannel.
Season 2: Live Outside And Play
After spending 365 days living on the road full time, Jess is back. Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine is excited to announce season two of Live Outside and Play!