As travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, getting people excited to go outside and play is my job. Follow along as I take our commitment to the outdoors to the next level: working, playing, and living on the road for one year. #liveoutsideandplay

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 Have you ever wanted to see how a @_sylvansport #Go is set up? Are you going to @floydfestva? Then stop by the @blueridgeoutdoors tent next week! I'll be there hanging out, telling tales from the road and giving away free stuff from Deuter packs and @enohammocks! Join me everyday at 11am starting Wednesday to see a live demo of the #Go in action. #liveoutsideandplay
BRO-TV: Looking Glass
Check out footage from my first trip to Looking Glass Rock in western North Carolina.
My Top 10 Festival Essentials
Festival season is in full-swing! With more music festivals right around the corner, check out my top 10 festival essentials to see what you're missing.
Like Mother, Like Daughter
One week down, one week to go. An update on how my mother is handling the road life.
Momma on Board
You know those kids that are embarrassed by their moms? Well. I'm not one of them.
You Got Folly-ed.
Dolphins, pristine beaches, key lime pie ice cream sandwiches. No, this is not a dream. This is Folly Beach.
The Benefits of Being a Bum
Let's face it. I'm a bum. I poach Internet, couch surf when I can, shower when people tell me I should...but there are certain benefits to being a bum.
Roadside Confessions: Adaptation
Getting dialed in and perfecting the art of adaptation in this week's Live Outside and Play blog.
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