As travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, getting people excited to go outside and play is my job. Follow along as I take our commitment to the outdoors to the next level: working, playing, and living on the road for one year. #liveoutsideandplay

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 A new episode of #BROTV dropped today. Check out the multimedia recap of my weekend in the #RedRiverGorge by clicking the link in my profile. #liveoutsideandplay #travelky #kystateparks #climbing
This past weekend, "Team West Virginia" and I headed south, Kentuckybound and down to hop on some of the world's most iconic routes in the Red River Gorge.
Making a Difference
A comment from a reader makes me revisit my childhood-conceived concept of how to go about making a difference in this world.
Beer For Gear
Meet Theresia Hinton, an Asheville Millennial whose Beer For Gear event combines adventure with doing good.
Why Women Need Women
What's better than a weekend spent adventuring? A weekend spent adventuring with your girlfriends.
My Own Worst Critic
A semi-failed sunrise mission teaches me a lesson about being my own worst critic.
Suck It Up
"Go big or go home, don't be afraid of failing, and suck it up." My advice to a group of college sophomores comes in handy this weekend.
Just One More Time
"Just one more time," the infamous last words of a goober trying to surf. Aka, me.
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