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Fish and Pick Festival Draws Anglers and Music Lovers to the Maury River

The First Annual “Fish & Pick,” held on May 20-22, 2016, at Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista, Virginia, had something for everyone.

Top Trout Hikes

What are some of the top hike-and-fish destinations available to readers of Blue Ridge Outdoors? We break down some of the best in VA, TN, and NC for you.

The Return of the Natives

Matt Kulp, a senior biologist for the National Park Service (NPS), stood alongside members of the Little River, Great Smoky Mountains, and Clinch Mountain chapters of Trout Unlimited as they donned wading gear, put on hats, and applied sunscreen.

A Riparian Landowner’s Claim to a King’s Grant Has Stalled the Removal of Virginia’s Monumental Mills Dam

Paddlers in particular are adversely affected by the dam: They cannot portage on Mrs. Scott’s side of the river because of a sheer drop-off of about 20 feet. Meanwhile, the other side of the dam, which still houses part of the old gristmill, is clearly labeled “no trespassing” and references a King’s grant.

Let the Fly Fishing Season Begin

The trees have shaken off their snowy mantles. It’s that time of year again, the fly fishing season. Check out these lesser known streams to start the spring off right.

Who Owns the Hazel River?

In Culpeper County, Virginia, riparian landowners, county residents, and state officials have bitterly disputed for years who may enjoy the Hazel River.