Bettina Freese

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E-Bikes: Yea or Nay?

When it comes to both mountain biking and road riding, cyclists in the Blue Ridge have differing opinions on e-bikes. / photo courtesy Getty...

Hey, Outdoor People—Lose The Ego

The most dangerous part of your next outdoor adventure isn’t a bear, snake, or psychopath: it’s your ego. And the hardest part of your...

How To Be A Badass: The Women Warriors of Asheville

One afternoon at DuPont State Recreational Area, Shanna Powell was on a ride with some other women—when a group of guys from Florida showed...

Singlespeed Mountain Biker Josh Taylor Rides the Divide

Josh Taylor completes the 2,700 mile Ride The Divide from Canada to New Mexico on a single speed.

Ten Bikers Share the Secrets of Their Two-Wheeled Passion

Getting back on the bike after an illness, a new job, or having babies taught me humility and compassion for myself. I had to fight down the regurgitated acid of what I “used to be able to do,” staring down at a soft belly and fumbling legs while my friends looked back, grinning.

Float Fever: New River Canoe Trip

Bettina and friends take a New River canoe trip, but with a diagnoses of strep throat, will they ever make it to the take out?