Bettina Freese

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Poison Ivy Trail

It was EVERYWHERE. It brushed past my legs, I fell in it, I rolled in it, I probably hovered too close to it while peeing.

Bike Love Buzz

Three of us girls looked a little tired at class the next morning, all of us with a slight odor, mine touched with a twinge of blood and sweat.

Stress Relief

Once we are riding in the woods, it’s as if our stresses have melted from our brains.

The Freedom of Two Wheels

“Of course you can ride your bike down the street,” I hear myself say.

The Lunch Hour Race

I had an hour to ride last weekend, not counting the ride to and from class, so I headed up Town Mountain Road

Road Bike Love

In the back of my mind I know that my road bike is fun, but it seems mentally more difficult, until I actually ride it.