Bettina Freese

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Strava Stressing

EVERY ride is a race with this free service that tracks the ride via GPS device and then posts the results online, complete with a map showing where the ride occurred.

Demo Days

I did a giggly ride Sunday morning on a sweet little full suspension ride thanks to a Pivot demo at Motion Makers.

Summer Legs

I want to say it’s the new shorts, or the tune-up, or the running, but really I think it’s from riding my bike, and losing five pounds.

Mother Nature’s Surprises

Spring days have filled the bike trails with happy riders week after week since, well, last October

Cycle to Farm

Ride your bike for 62 miles along secluded country roads, with tight and twisty climbs and descents, crossing the Continental Divide three times, snacking along the way on goat cheese and salsas made fresh from the farm.

Win some; lose some

Whether it was emotional, physical, or hormonal, I knew that being on my mountain bike was going to hurt, and I was right.