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The Latest DEET-Free Bug Repellent Techniques

I’ve heard it said more than once that the Blue Ridge Mountains are “God’s Country.” I guess the bugs missed the memo…they seem to think they run things around these parts, and attack with an apocalyptic vengeance.

New Snack Bars Hit The Market: an interview with Uncomplicated Foods

We sat down with Talia Klein, owner of Uncomplicated Foods, and creator of Tali-O Bites, to learn more about these bars, her company and her mission to bring the world less complicated, satisfying foods.

Women’s Spring Running Gear

With the crazy variable winter we've had, runners across the Blue Ridge are aching for a sunshine-filled spring, when we can dust off our running shoes and hit the trails for good. Here we’ve compiled an outfit to take you through your run, from a 5K to multi-leg race journey, these trail-tested items will carry you through, all while looking stylishly swift.

Conscious Carbing to Fuel Your Adventure

We’ve all heard of “carbing up” for a race or long ride. Carbohydrates provide the necessary fuel for sustaining a long workout, but all carbs are not created equal. Your body is your machine, so consciously choose high-grade carbs for high-end performance.

Homemade energy bars and drinks for outdoor athletes

The array of choices when it comes to pre-made energy bars and drinks can be overwhelming. Some are sweet, some are salty, some are...