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New Snack Bars Hit The Market: an interview with Uncomplicated Foods

An Uncomplicated Choice

With the deluge of snack and energy bars now available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Look beyond the claims on the front of the packaging that scream, “high fiber, sugar free, protein packed, etc.,” and check out what’s on the back. Ever heard of the first five ingredients? Are they whole foods? Can you pronounce them? Why does a snack bar have to be so complicated? Maybe it doesn’t.

We sat down with Talia Klein, owner of Uncomplicated Foods, and creator of Tali-O Bites, to learn more about these bars, her company and her mission to bring the world less complicated, more satisfying foods.

BRO: What inspired you to start Uncomplicated Foods?

TALIA: I started making bars several years ago for my own person eating enjoyment, and I had no intention of ever starting a business. I started making my own bars because, honestly, I was so tired of all the bars that I was buying. I wanted a healthy snack to eat that was satisfying and tasty, so I played around with different flavors and ingredients until I was happy. My friends would always ask me what I was eating, since I would pack my bars everywhere I went, and after they tried them they started asking me if I would make some for them…so I did, happily. After a few months of regularly making bars for my family and friends, I was encouraged to start a business. I felt very encouraged, so I went for it!

BRO: What was missing in the marketplace that you saw a need for?

TALIA: Bites, but I didn’t know that when I started. In fact I had no intention of making bites. When I first started I was only making 2-oz. bars, which is larger than most bars on the market. I found that when I was really hungry, I could eat one of my bars easily. However, when I was mildly hungry or just wanting a little bit to hold me over, eating a whole bar was too much. So I decided to create TALI-O Bites. I have two sizes of the bites, a 2-oz. and a 6-oz. bag of bites, both in resealable bags.

BRO: What makes your bars different?

TALIA: Our Bars and Bites have really unique flavor profiles, like our Taste the Tahini Bar, which has the subtle hint of tahini and ginger. All of our bars have very similar ingredient, but when you taste them all, you will be amazed at how different from one another they actually are. Sadly, there are many bars out in the marketplace that are promoting health and nutrition, but in actuality they are glorified candy bars. Tali-O Bars and Bites have no added sugars, period. Our number one ingredient for all our bars and bites are dates, and I have created a recipe that allows the natural sugars to be just enough. Our bars are also very well balanced in terms of their carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. There is a lot of fiber in all of our products which helps make your body feel full and slows down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. So when you eat a Tali-O you get a sustained energy from the sugar in the dates without a huge spike in your insulin levels.

BRO: What sports/activities are your bars ideal for?Tali-O-OnShelves

TALIA: I personally eat some bites before I head into a yoga class for a little bit of energy to get me through. I have had fans of TALI-O tell me that they love throwing a bag of bits in their gym bags, eating them after a long bike ride, after a Crossfit class, while on a paddleboard, and while hiking. Our motto is “Get Out and Go”, so really any activity. We love it when our fans send us pictures of them enjoying their favorite activities fueled by Tali-O’s.

BRO: How long will your bars/bites last?

TALIA: Our bars and bites have a great shelf life. I like to refrigerate my Tali-O’s, however that is not necessary; but in the refrigerator they can last up to a year. If you want to keep your Tali-O’s at room temperature they will last for 3-4 months. I would suggest that you keep them out of direct sunlight to keep the all-natural ingredients from oxidizing.

BRO: Where can consumers purchase your product?

TALIA: From our website: We are hoping to get in stores all across the country, but as a small company we are only in a handful of places in Seattle right now. All of our bars are handmade and ship within one to two days of an order being placed. All orders over $30 dollars come with free shipping, so stock up!

BRO: What beer pairs best with your bars?

I think Guinness would go great with our bars, especially our Powerfully Peanut bar. Hmmm… I might have to try that right now!

–TALI-O is offering BRO readers a 15% discount! Enter the promo code luckyme2 at checkout. Deal ends July 30 with no limit to how many times it can be used.


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