Katie Souris

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Ponies and Thru-Hikers: The Wildlife of Grayson Highlands

BRO Contributor Katie Souris recounts a wild hike in Virginia's Grayson Highlands.

Give the Piedmont a Chance

The lands of the Piedmont, swampier and more primeval feeling than Appalachia, are often overlooked when it comes to outdoor adventure in the Southeast.

Getting Found in Lost Cove

BRO Contributor Katie Souris faces the challenges of her type 1 diabetes in the backcountry of Lost Cove.

Fracking in North Carolina: There is No Planet B

One commentator pointed out that while states in some parts of the nation are experiencing droughts so severe that they are considering desalinization of ocean water, it is morally wrong to even think about pumping on average three million gallons of water into a well site that will be not only wasted, but will be rendered toxic by the process.

Carrying the Weight: Backpacking with Diabetes

When I was first with diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, backpacking became yet another line on my mental list of things I'd probably not be able to do now that I was managing such a complicated condition. Eight years have passed since then, and as I get to know myself more and more as a person with diabetes, I learn that to do what I've always loved to do and to try new things is definitely possible, but both require more planning.