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Quick Hits: Border Walk

Two women complete the first thru-hike of the U.S.-Mexico Border Claire Wernstedt-Lynch was at work when her phone buzzed with a text message from her...

VIDEO: Phantom of the Pines—The Future of the Florida Panther

This exclusive video highlights the extraordinary efforts to protect the Florida panther.

Phantom of the Pines: The Future of the Florida Panther

It’s a story that might sound familiar— similar versions have unfolded with only slightly different characters. The species that we now call the Florida...

What Does the Fox Say? The island fox came back from the brink. Can red wolves do the same?

The island fox recovered from near extinction. Can the red wolf do the same? Not without a little help from us.

Code Red: The Last Red Wolves in the Wild

Filmmakers Kyle and Trevor Ritland traveled to Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina, where the last red wolves roam. In this nine-minute video, they talk with leaders, landowners, and locals about the red wolf's uncertain future.