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True Winter: Only in Tucker County, WV

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing on miles of marked, ungroomed trails provide interaction with nature.

How to Select the Right Ruffwear Dog Jacket for your Wintertime Adventures

When you’re gearing up to head out for a winter adventure, one of the most important decisions you make is what to wear.

Meet the Soul of Snowshoe Mountain

In the village, on the slopes, day and night. Meet the crew of snow worshippers who are the beating heart of Snowshoe Mountain. Episode 2:...

Raise ‘em right: Kids hit the trail the Deuter way

We turned to the Deuter ambassador team for relatable and actionable ways to continue to do what you love.

10 Winter Adventures in the Mountain State

  Who says only kids have snow days? In the Mountain State, winter means the rolling hills transform into a playground for adults (with plenty...

Snowshoe Mountain is Getting Ready for Showtime

Snowshoe, winter's pride and joy in the Mid-Atlantic, is gearing up for another big season with lots of endorphin-inducing upgrades to the mountain, ski school and lodging. Check it out!