Stephen Regenold

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Dog Gear 2011

My dog is a bit of a brute.

Gear of the Future

Outdoors equipment has come a long way from the days of hemp ropes, rain slickers, and hobnail mountain boots. But despite the leaps, I often find my gear lacking when truly pushed in the outdoors.

RailRiders Eco-Speed-T

My quest to find the ultimate summertime T-shirt for outdoor activity has led down many avenues. This month, the route took a turn and accelerated when it hit upon a shirt made by RailRiders, a Belmont, Mass., company with roots in the world of sailing.

Black Diamond Z-Poles

Grab onto the foam grip atop the latest ultra-light trekking pole from Black Diamond Equipment and you might wonder where the rest of the pole went.

America’s Toughest Road Marathon

My calves are stiff. My body feels weak. It's a few days after the National College Blue Ridge Marathon, but my muscles and bones are still reeling from the abuse.

Airline Bike Case

Traveling the world with a bike in tow is a challenge. But for cycling enthusiasts who need their wheels on site for a trip,...