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Holiday Gift Guide

The insanity of “Black Friday” is mercifully past. “Cyber Monday” was this week. Still in need of something for an outdoors lover on your list? Here are a half-dozen holiday gift ideas, ready to wrap and Gear Junkie approved.
Seasonal Energy Food, $1 and up — Energize for the outdoors and stay true to the holiday spirit! Clif Bar & Company and GU Energy Labs unveiled holiday-themed products this month. The Christmasy bars and gels include ingredients normally reserved for cookies and pumpkin pie, with cinnamon, walnuts, icing, and cranberries all in the mix.,
Grease Monkey Wipes, $11.99 — Think of them as wet-wipes for bike nuts. These pre-moistened, individually-packed “degreasing wipes” employ a citrus-based formula to clean bike grease and road grime from hands. Lanolin and vitamin E are among the wipes’ constitutes, which are promoted for use on skin as well as bike frames and components in need of a shine.
Agloves, $17.99 — Problem: You need to operate your iPhone in the cold. Solution: Agloves work on touchscreen devices to navigate and dial without cold hands! The secret is in a silver-laced material that conducts body heat through the fabric, letting you navigate a screen, dial, a control the device — all while keeping your fingers and hands warmer outside.
SPOT Satellite Messenger, $169.99 — For loved ones who are driven to wander, the SPOT device gives a communication link via satellites. It tracks a hiker’s route through the wilderness plus, in an emergency, it can alert authorities and direct to almost any location on the globe. For non-emergencies, the SPOT can send a message to the email accounts and cell phones of friends or family back home.
SOLE Exhale, $74.95 — A slipper/shoe hybrid, the Exhale has puffy insulated uppers and a moldable footbed with a deep heel cup. The shoe, available in men’s and women’s models, is made for indoor and outdoor use. It guarantees warm toes and cradled feet as a part of its unique, foot-supporting package.
Wenger EvoWood Knife, $129.95 — Instant classic! The handles of this handsome Swiss Army Knife are made of a dark and durable walnut wood. A blade, screwdriver, scissors, file, and additional implements fold inside the handle, all hidden under wood and ready for use at home or on the trail.
—Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of
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