Classic Fall Century Road Rides

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Century RidesPumped by this summer’s coverage of the  Tour de France? Pedal one of these celebrated road tours for your own taste of two-wheeled adventure.

Harrisonburg, Va. Sept. 13.

A rolling 100 miles through the small towns and farmland that make the Shenandoah Valley so picturesque. Scenic vistas of the surrounding peaks are frequent, and the car traffic is low. If it’s your first organized ride, consider the 25- or 50-mile options.

Sylva, N.C. Sept. 19.
This 105-mile century (what’s five extra miles among cyclists?) is one of the toughest in the region with 11,000 feet of climbing and the most Blue Ridge Parkway miles (40) of any century in the country. There’s a metric century option if you’re unsure about going whole-hog.

Loudon, Tenn. Oct. 11.
More scenic than grueling, this 100-mile tour takes you through the mountains of East Tennessee just in time for peak foliage color. Better yet, tailgate parties have been known to erupt after the pedaling is through. Check out the 25- or 62-mile options as well.

Athens, Ga. Oct. 17.

Leave it to the cyclists in Athens to mix beer with bikes. Every rider on this century gets a free tour of Athens’ own Terrapin Brewery. Oh, and the riding’s good too. Enjoy 100 miles of rolling country roads surrounded by farms. Try your luck and enter “The Gambler,” a game where you collect playing cards throughout the century and the cyclist with the best hand at the end of the ride wins a prize. A metric century and a 31-mile option are also offered.

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