Outdoor Updates: Study finds cyclists are emotionally attached to their bikes

Study finds cyclists are emotionally attached to their bikes

Here’s something that avid cyclists won’t find surprising: a new study has found that people form strong emotional bonds to their bicycles. A researcher from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences interviewed cyclists to get a better understanding of how people’s identities are linked to their bicycles. “They all really loved their way of getting around and how they can interact with the world as a consequence of the way they’re moving through it,” researcher Karly Coleman told Cycling Today

Coleman also found that cyclists reported forming strong bonds with friends while cycling and having a stronger sense of place. “In your car, it’s very unlikely that if you see your neighbor you’ll stop your car and roll down your window and hold up a great deal of traffic to chat with them about their flowers,” Coleman said. 

Red River Gorge’s Rocktoberfest is this weekend, October 11- October 13

The Red River Gorge’s Climbers Coalition hosts Rocktoberfest, their largest fundraiser of the year, this weekend in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. The event features sponsor booths with the latest climbing gear, raffles and contests with prizes, live music, movie night, food trucks, a climbing competition and clinics taught by professional athletes.

The Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition is a group of volunteers dedicated to maintaining open access to the world-class rock climbing available in the Red River Gorge. The fundraiser helps the coalition manage over 1,100 acres of climbing land and roads and save money for future purchases. 

The first all-female spacewalk is scheduled for October 21

Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will make history on October 21 when they set out on the first all-female spacewalk. The original all-female spacewalk was canceled back in March due to spacesuit availability. This time around, Koch and Meir’s mission is to install lithium-ion batteries that will assist with the station’s power supply.

Koch arrived on the International Space Station on March 14 and will stay there until February 2020. Her time on the station will be the longest single spaceflight by a woman and falls just short of the longest ever spaceflight by a NASA astronaut. Both Koch and Meir were a part of NASA’s 2013 astronaut class. Over 6,000 people applied for eight positions that year, and half of them went to women. 

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