BikingWinter Cycling Tips

Winter Cycling Tips

You don’t need to give up riding to work or the market this winter. We asked the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for some of their best winter cycling tips.

Wintercycling_BW_FIX_MM copyRIDE MORE SLOWLY WHEN ITS WET OR ICY. Pump the brakes, keep your weight stable on the back wheel, and don’t lean into turns as much.

DRESS IN LAYERS. Use a three-layer approach: the innermost baselayer, the middle insulating layer, and the outer layer for rain and snow protection. Use a synthetic fabric or wool for the baselayer, since cotton will hold sweat and make you cold.

KEY BODY PARTS TO PROTECT while winter bicycling are your hands, feet, and face.

BE PREDICTABLE. In winter weather it’s harder for both cyclists and motorists to stop suddenly, and visibility can be limited.

USE LIGHTS. Whenever visibility is bad, even if it’s not raining or snowing, lights will make you more visible to cars.

CONSIDER ALTERNATE ROUTES FOR BAD WEATHER. Some roads might have dangerous spots, slippery hills, or motorists prone to drive too fast even when roads are slippery.

FENDERS are great for keeping you and your bike clean in nasty weather.

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