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Road Ready: Six Ways to Optimize RV Space

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Optimizing storage space can be a common struggle for RV owners.

Living in a tiny space means you need to dial in your setup or you’re likely to misplace essential items while you’re cruising from state to state. A key to staying organized is increasing storage capacity without adding a bunch of weight to your rig. More weight translates into worse gas mileage, and, ultimately more money in the tank at a time when fuel isn’t cheap. Here are six tips for RV owners interested in making the best use of space without adding bulk. 

Remove Extra Furniture 

One of the most underrated steps you can take to optimize RV space is to remove anything you don’t need on a regular basis. Some RV units come with multiple benches and beds, which is great if you need them. But if they’re going unused, consider removing this type of furniture. Doing so will give you extra space to add shelving units and other customized storage options. 

Focus on Wall Space 

Most campers have plenty of wall space that can be used for storage. In the kitchen, for example, you can install a magnetic strip beneath the cupboards to secure utensils. Some RV owners use the bottom side of cupboards to install an organizational system. Screw the lid of a canning jar to the bottom of the cupboard, and then suspend the jar from beneath the cupboard. You can also hang fruit nets and similar systems to preserve food while keeping it in a consolidated area. 

Command strips also help optimize empty space to keep you organized. Use Command hangers to conveniently hang hats and clothing, as well as pocket storage on the wall to keep your shoes and other essential belongings out of the way. 

Evaluate Your Shower 

Trailer showers present plenty of organizational opportunities. Consider installing built-in soap or shampoo holders to maximize space. Additionally, hardware stores often carry shower-specific Command strips and suction cup hangers that can be used to hang items like loofah and washcloths. Also, towels take up a fair amount of space. Install a towel rack, hang a shoe holder, or rig up a similar system to keep them organized. 

Invest in Stackable Storage Bins 

Utilizing stackable storage bins makes it easier to tuck items away when you want them out of sight. Storage bins come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, perfect for everything from silverware to clothing. Also of note is that flat storage containers can often be lodged beneath furniture, which makes using them a good option for RV campers. 

Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Making use of the inside of cabinet doors is essential for organization. Some RV owners install spice racks to keep these messy items from flopping around during transit. Others use this space to install a paper towel holder or even a secondary towel rack. 

Find the Right Gear

Most outdoor stores and outfitters offer essential RV items like collapsible dishes and travel-friendly utensils. One of the best ways to optimize cupboard space is by looking for items that can be stored in collapsed form. Even certain cups and water bottles can be collapsed, making it easy to cut down on kitchenware bulk. 

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