ClimbingRock Glossary

Rock Glossary

Learn these common climbing terms and you just might avoid an embarrassing situation if you’re asked to “flash.”

An outside corner on a rock face, like corners of a pyramid.
A rock formation that projects out from the main face or cliff.
A wide crack usually big enough to fit the climber’s entire body inside.
The most difficult portion of a climb. Usually, the crux is a single move or a short sequence of moves.
Where two walls meet to form an inside corner.
To successfully send a route the first time without practicing it
Sending a sport or trad route first, either placing protection as you go or clipping in to existing bolts. The level of risk is higher when leading, as you’re not automatically anchored to the rock.
The distance climbed with one length of rope. Climbs can be single-pitch or multi-pitch. Table Rock, N.C. is famous for its multi-pitch routes (600 feet long), whereas Sunset Rock, Tenn., is known for its single-pitch routes (less than 80 feet).
A bouldering term, meaning the path the climber takes to complete the climb. A bouldering problem is the equivalent of a climbing route.
To successfully complete, or “ascend,” a route.

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