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The Next National Scenic Area?

photo by Steven McBride Rural neighbors build a national coalition to protect a wild,...

What I Learned Weeding the Appalachian Trail

The author (left) with a fellow trail crew member in Shenandoah National Park. Photo courtesy of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club

Floating with a Purpose

Tires being removed from the Clinch River in southwest Virginia. Communities Tackle Trash Along Virginia’s Clinch River

What You Don’t Know About Your National Forests

I love looking at maps—especially the green-shaded areas. That’s where most adventures happen. At first, I thought all of the green spaces...

Farewell Cryosphere

Bleak future: During the winter of 2016-17 some resorts in Italy's dolomites had as few as six snow days. As Snow droughts,...

Four Letters That Every Outdoor Adventurer Should Know

Now more than ever, politics is unpredictable. Partisanship trumps policy, watchdogs become lapdogs, and elected officials come and go faster than you...