Where Does All the Old Gear Go?

We love the outdoors and all the gear that comes along with it, but eventually, you get a flat or you need to retire your rope. What do you do with all that worn out gear?

After working for years in a bike shop and patching tubes, Davidson Lewis, an outdoor and sustainability enthusiast, began to realize how much material gets sent to the landfill. He decided that a change was needed. While in school at Virginia Tech for industrial design, he started making bags from old bike tubes. In 2007, Davidson designed  a line of backpacks, bike bags and accessories made from repurposed materials and Green Guru Gear.

Through an innovative Recycling Program, Green Guru partners with businesses like gear outfitters, bike shops and climbing gyms to recycle old bike tubes, climbing ropes, wetsuits and tent materials. The Green Guru team then takes these otherwise discarded materials and upcycles them into durable new gear for your next outdoor adventure.


Here are a few tips to keep your gear out of the landfill.

Care for your gear.

Learn what makes your gear last longer. When something breaks, figure out how it can be fixed first before dumping it. Buckles and zippers break, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Donate or Trade.

Maybe you’ve upgraded to something lighter or faster. Pass on your old gear. It could be perfect for someone wanting to give an activity a try for the first time. Or check out your local consignment shop, gear swaps and local recycling center. For Green Guru Recycling Partners, click here.

Get creative & upcycle.

Turn your old boots into flower pots or turn your tent into a playhouse for the kiddos. Tent poles work great as a support for plants in the garden. Find more ideas on Pinterest.

For more tips, read our Blog.

Learn more about our products at www.greengurugear.com

Read more about our Recycling Program.


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