Instagram Takeover: Patrick Williams

This month’s Instagram Takeover features Patrick Williams of @ecoclinephotography. A native of North Carolina, Patrick loves to capture scenes and images of fly fishing, travel, and nature.

He spends the majority of the year teaching high school math and science, and  summers with clients as a fly fishing guide. In the times between, he can probably be found with his camera in tow. Through years spent on the water, on the trail, and traveling, Patrick says he’s developed a passion for capturing the art of the outdoors.

Follow along all week as we showcase some of Patrick’s work on our Instagram account, and check to know him a little better with this short Q & A.

BRO: What is your current home base and where are you from originally?

PW: I currently live in Asheville North Carolina, but I am originally from Durham.

BRO: You obviously focus a lot of your efforts on fly fishing. Any other outdoor pursuits you enjoy documenting? 

PW: Yes, I love landscape photography, which I regard as a way to document the spectacular hiking opportunities in Western North Carolina. I have also dabbled in shooting paddlers, climbers, and skiers, which I hope to do more of in the future.  

BRO: Do you focus your efforts mainly on the Blue Ridge or are you all over the place?

PW: Both. I mainly shoot Western North Carolina, but I am an avid traveller, and I’m always ready to shoot a new location. Just this year I have been lucky enough to visit the Alps to photograph some ski touring and winter hiking, Mexico for fly fishing, and Maine for landscape photography.

BRO: Fall is all but here. Any favorite spots for photographing fall foliage in the Blue Ridge?

PW: There is something magical about a river in fall. I will usually spend September and early October probing small creeks off the Blue Ridge Parkway, when the high altitude leaves begin to change, I’ll make my way down the valley rivers as the season progresses into late-October and November. I try to visit a new area every year, so no one spot in particular stands out, there are simply too many to name.

BRO: What is your favorite town in the Blue Ridge Mountains and why?

PW: I would have to say Brevard, North Carolina. It has the perfect combination of small town feel, support of local industries and artists, and you are right next to excellent fishing, hiking, paddling, mountain biking, waterfalls, and even a bit of climbing.

BRO: If you could only choose one area to hike, explore, fish and photograph for the rest of your life what would it be? 

PW: That’s a real tough question, so I’ll have to break that up regionally, nationally, and internationally. Close to home I would have to say Shining Rock and Middle Prong Wilderness areas in the Pisgah Ranger District hold a special place in my heart. Nationally, I would have to say northern New Mexico, a place I lived for two summers which is a landscape photographer’s dream. Internationally, I would have to say northern Mongolia, because its hard to beat floating through pristine rivers meandering through granite cliff canyons to catch a 5 ft Taimen (largest relative of trout and salmon) on giant popping flies.  

BRO: One piece of gear (minus your camera) you wouldn’t head into the woods without? 

PW: A headlamp for sure, and that goes for fishing and photography. Some of the best dry fly action happens after the sun goes down, and if you want to photograph sunrises and sunsets, you gotta spend a lot of time in the dark. 

BRO: What advice would you give someone who is looking to break into the world of outdoor adventure photography? 

PW: I’m still trying to figure that one out for myself to be honest. I would say that the most important thing is to always be practicing, seek out criticism and feedback from other photographers, and always think about the story your composition tells. It’s a continuous learning process, so treat it as such. Always try to grow and refine your skill set.  

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