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2022 Summer Camps & Experiences

kids paddling

Summer Camps have long been the jumping off point for young adventurer—and the first step towards a lifelong love of the outdoors, personal enrichment, and campfire camaraderie! 

Experience Learning

  • Type of Camp: Overnight
  • Our Campers: Co-Ed Ages 6-18
  • Focus: Adventure, expeditions, and stewardship
  • Location: Spruce Knob Mountain Center, W.Va.
  • Dates: June 5th – July 17th

At Experience Learning we believe in the power of wild places to inspire, engage, and empower us all. At our summer camps kids completely disconnect from technology and focus on building connections with the people and world around them. Then we step back and give campers the luxury of space and time to truly explore, adventure in, and enjoy the wild and wonderful forests, caves, and streams of West Virginia.

Camp Dickenson

  • Type of Camp: Residential, Adventure, & Day Camp
  • Our Campers: Co-ed, Rising K-12th grad
  • Focus: Christian, Outdoor Recreation
  • Location: Fries, Va.
  • Dates: June 12th – August 5th

For more than 50 years, summer camp at Camp Dickenson has been about more than just activities. Genuine relationships, where young people get to connect authentically, are the heart of the camping program. All campers get to enjoy activities where they can have fun, learn skills, and grow through challenging experiences. The beautiful outdoor setting of 536 wooded acres along the New River is a perfect venue for fun and learning in the summer sun. But a camp session is only a success if each camper goes home feeling that they got to spend a week being loved and appreciated for their true self. As a Christian camp, this is how we practice and model the greatest commandment of “Love Thy Neighbor.” With 7 different weeks of programming, there’s a program for every child!

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

  • Type of Camp: Overnight
  • Our Campers: Co-Ed Ages 9-17
  • Focus: Outdoor Adventure & Leadership
  • Location: Craig County, Va
  • Dates: 1-, 2-, and 3-Week Sessions June through August

No mess halls, no cabins, no flushing toilets…just fresh air and the great outdoors! There’s no better alternative for kids this summer than spending time outside while unearthing their own true potential in leadership, confidence, and their sense of adventure. Broken down by age groups, each session centers on camping, backpacking, biking, and paddling through the National Forests of SW VA while participating in exciting and age-appropriate adventure activities along the way: rock climbing, caving, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, zip lining, and more! Each group operates independently allowing campers to form tight bonds and work through challenges from beginning to end with one another…building trust, communication, laughter and leadership. No experience is required and best of all…we supply all the gear! Come adventure with us!

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