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LiquidLogic Versa Board Can’t decide between board or boat? Thanks to North Carolina-based LiquidLogic, you don’t have to. The Versa is a stand-up paddleboard that also functions as a versatile sit-on-top kayak. Troll the mountain lakes on two feet or track a long river excursion with the easy spring-loaded skeg system. In boat mode you can also pimp out the Versa with a First Class Seat (sold separately). $879;

Jackson Kayak Rogue
Flatwater or whitewater? The new Rogue doesn’t discriminate. In this boat you can maneuver through the rugged froth thanks to a sleek hull design that’s made for quick moves and tight turns. When things calm down, you can quickly drop the retractable skeg and paddle through the flats for miles. Plus, you get a large sealed storage compartment for camping gear on multi-day journeys.

Walden Flat-Distance Racer Stand-Up Paddleboard
As stand-up paddleboarding starts to get competitive, legendary surfboard designer Steve Walden decided to make the FDR for speed demons. The new board is built to be fast and stable during flatwater races. The concave hull lets paddlers maneuver without tracking choppy conditions, while a low rocker offers longer gliding with each efficient stroke.

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