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Bon Voyage Blue Ridge

Lake with a view

Goodbye for now Blue Ridge. Much like the geese I’ll be heading south for the winter. After all my work is seasonal and so am I. For the months of November through February, with a quick stop back home in Iowa, I’ll be searching for the right season and best climbing spots, searching for the land of the lost cowboy hat and broken spur,  this Winter I’ll be Southwest Searching.

With any farewell, there is a twinge of regret to be leaving. To be saying see ya’ to the mountains I’ve climbed and to the ones left unconquered. To leave the land that provided me a place to sleep, a land full of adventure and insight, and the land made accesible by new friends.

But this arrivederci provides more then remorse, this adios is not forever, and before the trees turn green I’ll be back in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains; I’ll be ready to explore, ready for more, and with the same Adventure Thirst.

Saying temporary goodbyes can be good for the soul. It can be hard to realize where you’re at when you are there. It takes a little stepping back, some outside perspective, to really understand the blessed problems you have and the reasons to go back. Saying goodbye for awhile rejuvinates the daily-life, the internal battery, and the all too elusive muscle memory routine.

So excuse me as I stretch my legs and continue the search for tomorrow’s adventure and I encourage you to do the same. It is a big wide world out there with many avenues left unexplored. Goodbye (for now) Blue Ridge and stay safe this winter. Look for me galloping into town with the Spring time sun. And most importantly, go outside and play.


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