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Catch a Comp at Wintergreen

The ESPN X-Games coming up next weekend, and if you are like me you are probably looking forward to them with equal parts enthusiasm and dread. Enthusiasm because you get to watch the best skiers and snowboarders do their thing on the big stage, pushing the limits of physics and physiology with flips, spins, and tweaks; dread because the ones pushing those limits are usually half our age. Sure, we throw the occasional foot high spread eagle on the slopes, but these guys are pros and throw tricks we could only dream about, even in our prime. Don’t get me wrong, I do not watch the Winter X-Games with a pint of ice cream longing for the days of yore and crying myself to sleep. I save that for the Summer X-Games – I always wanted to a skateboarder. No, I watch with respect and awe at what the elite can do on snow. This weekend you will be able to witness some ski and snowboard competitions that are a little more accessible and sample some of the gear the big dogs ride on game day. Wintergreen Resort will be hosting their Freestyle Demo Days in conjunction with a rail jam, the first event of their season-long terrain park series.

Check out Wintergreen on Saturday where you can watch the local talent do their thing on rails starting at 6pm. If you have been working on your game, you can sign up to participate from 4:30-5:30 at the Snowsports Desk. The Demo Tent will be set up at the top of Acorn on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to sample the latest and greatest from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

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