At some time in my life,  when asked to check all that apply, I likely checked or could have checked the following boxes:

  • Baptist
  • Presbyterian
  • Republican
  • Democrat
  • Independent
  • Swimmer
  • Non Swimmer
  • Runner
  • Non Runner
  • Lover of Mountains
  • Lover of Beaches
  • Vegan
  • Meat Eater
  • Vegetarian
  • Flexible
  • Inflexible

The list, the inconsistencies, go on.

My point is simply that we change. Our minds, our opinions, what we do with our free time changes from year to year, even month to month.

One year my husband played golf most weekends. The next he fished. The next year he spent his free time on his road bike and the next, his weekends were consumed by a combination of activities from biking, and fishing,  to paddling and gardening.

He is still the same person. He wasn’t defined by his activities any more than I was defined by my diet, policital opinions or style of exercise.

What does define you however, is how you treat others.

If the following list appeared during a test or political poll, which could you check:

  • patient
  • angry
  • kind
  • curt
  • thoughtful
  • encouraging
  • negative
  • frustrated
  • self-absorbed
  • selfish
  • gracious
  • disappointed
  • hopeful

What if someone asked your brother, your mother, your spouse or your roommate? What would they say about you?

This week I spoke to an adrenaline junkie who was also calm, thoughtful and gracious. I met a tri-athlete who was as thoughtful as any grandmother.

I am happy to report that many of the most accomplished athletes are humble, kind and personable. Others are not.

So in this political climate when people are asking which box you fall into, I think it is more important to consider what kind of person you are.

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