TJ Kearns
Travel more by bike.

Bettina Freese

Treat ‘someday’ as ‘right now.’ Instead of training for future trips and events, I want to focus on self-maintenance and saying YES to fun in the now.

Will Harlan

See all of the constellations in the night sky visible from our latitude.

Evans Prater

Practice what I preach.

Brad Stulberg

Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much. Run a lot. Write even more.

Robert McGee

To keep up with my resolutions till Groundhog Day.

John Jeter

Lose at least 10 pounds and be able to increase my average speed on my bike to at least 15 mph.

Gordon Wadsworth

To share it more. Share life with family, friends, the guys at the trailhead, whomever. Life, like so many things, is more fun when shared!

Jennifer Pharr Davis

Explore more long distance trails in the Southeast, including the Benton MacKaye Trail in 2016.

Chris Gragtmans

Work as hard as I can, but also allow myself to unplug and be happy with my best.

Jess Daddio

Paddle Green Light. It’s time.