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DGIF Falcon Cam in VA Captures Four Eggs that are Due to Hatch in May: First Chick has Hatched!

Screen grab from Virginia DGIF Falcon Cam after female laid her second egg


On May 11 the DGIF reported the first pip to be seen on one of the eggs. On May 12th, a chick made it’s first appearance on camera! Click here to learn more about the hatching and feeding process of the Richmond couple’s newest chick.

Being a city with a major river like the James running through it, Richmond offers the unique experience of city life and wildlife coming together. Locals are no strangers to seeing birds like Great Blue Herons or Ospreys fly overhead, deer find their way into neighborhoods and parks, and even spot a pinesnake or painted turtle down by the river.

Some may not realize when walking downtown that way up atop of the Riverfront Plaza building is a Peregrine Falcon couple that has hopefully found their forever home and is currently raising four eggs! You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them flying overhead, but you can also tune in to the live 24/7 falcon cam and see them up close!

Video of the moment the female (right) laid her second egg and the male (left) comes to visit

The DGIF Falcon Cam follows the breeding season of the falcons each year if they choose to come back. This year is exciting because this is the first egg production from the Richmond falcons since 2017. It’s even more exciting because as of four days ago, the female just laid her fourth egg! You can find each moment of the eggs appearing on their website along with the live feed.

The incubation period is about 30days, which means there will hopefully be chicks sometime mid-May. What better way to spend these days at home than watching wildlife come into the world from your couch!

See what the Richmond Falcons are up to HERE

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